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For All Deported Veterans

We Are Brothers in Arms, Holding Faith to The Oath.., We Stand Fast Through the Fray...BoundTogetherByHonor...

Who We Are

We are Veterans of the United States of America. We are deported from our country.

What Our Grievance is

 We find ourselves apart from our families and away from our loved ones. Exiled from the country that we've sworn allegiance to and were willing to die for.

What We Want

We are Americans.We deserve to go home.

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Veterans Without Borders
is the only organization representing deported members of The United States Armed Forces with a duly elected Board of Directors South of the Mexican Border concerning itself with the health and welfare of the voting membership. It is not affiliated nor in any way associated with Banished Veterans, or any other organization purporting to be raising funds on behalf of the deported veterans. 


                                                                               Photo/ Erin Siegal McIntyre

                                                               Photo/ Victor J. Hinojosa

VWB News and Ops

Good Morning All,… Yesterday, something very cool and extremely interesting happened around the neighborhood. A presentation was held and discussed at one of the local educational institutes here in Baja California. What is so cool and very interesting about that is that, it just so happened to be presented through the Project called –“El Bordo Del Canal Del Rio Tijuana: Estimacion Y Caracterizacion De La Poblacion- (The Tijuana River Canal Border Wall: Population Estimates and Characterization),. and furthermore, it was held at the COLEF… yes, the highly prestigious and decidedly well respected COLEF ( El Colegio de la Frontera Norte ). And they graciously invited us VeteransWithoutBorders to sit in and listen, as they discussed several subjects that are really near and dear to our hearts and that also lay very hard and heavy on our minds. Immigration, deportation, identity, universal human rights and the border region. Along with the border region’s socio-economic stability and its fighting chances for upward mobility. Wow,..Great presentation,..indeed.. in one word, “Enlightening”… truly.
Heartfelt thanks to everyone at COLEF for having us, and to everyone that presented and attended. Also many thanks to Sen. Ana Gabriela Guevara Espinoza and Dip. Amalia García Medina for taking the time and the wonderful words of encouragement,..thank you.
And a very Special thanks to Dra. Laura Velasco Ortiz And Dr. Tonatiuh Guillén López for inviting us down to visit your fine facility,.. we were honored to attend.
Thank you.
- Veterans Without Borders

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